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I’m Dr Yasmin Chopin—a researcher, writer, and mentor (and my surname really is pronounced like the composer, Frédéric Chopin). I live near Cambridge in the east of England and I gained my PhD in creative non-fiction Place Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Previously, I got a Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Creative Writing, a Diploma in Interior Design, and a BA (with Honours) in Art History.

My Substack publication celebrates the art and craft of Place Writing. I pose questions, try to provide answers, and always encourage conversation. I'm championing Place Writing as a genre in its own right. It's my thing. Is it yours?

In this Substack you will find posts on a range of relevant topics: nature, travel, art history, home, architecture, and design.

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Some bio

In my first career as an Association Executive, I edited magazines, compiled business reports, and wrote promotional literature and, although there was little room for creativity, I gained confidence with words. Later, in my second career as an award winning interior designer, I established a website blog and wrote monthly columns for a variety of journals including the online interiors portal Houzz. And, in between working and bringing up a family, I bought and sold property. I’m interested in all aspects of art, architecture, and design. Initially, I approached Place Writing from the perspective of a home-maker, but my fascination with the subject has broadened. And now, in my third and ultimate career, I write about place from many angles.

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Place Writing is curated by me. Every post is prepared with care and sent with love. You might like to start with my introductory post: What is Place Writing? And here are a few of my most popular posts: Travel Writing and A Creative Writing PhD.

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We are a community curious about Place Writing. Celebrating the art and craft of Place Writing by sharing ideas, posing questions, and finding answers if we can.


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